Tuesday, November 15, 2022


On the bus yesterday most of the non-masked passengers were White. As you would expect. White Americans often assume "oh that doesn't apply to me", and then proceed blithely with Karen behaviour. Because, you know, they're White. Observably so. Quite naturally it came as no surprise to find out that the largest demographic segment to support Herschel Walker consisted of White men.

"I don't want to speak badly of him, because he's Black, but I have to admit, he's observably stupid."
------David Chappelle

If you are a member of a minority, or female, you don't want to be on the Titanic with mostly white men. You'll probably be stepped on as they rush the buffet, and your chances of scoring a seat on the lifeboats or an ice raft are pretty slim.
Unless you're Herschel Walker.
Of course you can't point any of this out to most White people; they have no sense of perspective or humour. It's a very middle class thing. Suburban too.

By the way: it would not suprise me if quoting Dave Chappelle in a positive way pisses people off. Oh fumigating well.

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