Tuesday, November 15, 2022


"Life, life is not all about porkchops, frog, life is about deeper and more meaningful things. Stop obsessing about the porkchop, and look at the sunlight and butterflies, frog." Kermit nods in acknowledgement, and grabs the bottle of hot sauce. The talking porkchop is right, but at this point in time, gnawing on bones is far more important. Kermit is NOT a vegan.
Several of my friends would agree. Passionately.
Pass the Sriracha, and shut up.

One friend for his housewarming party served mounds of pig.
Another, for medical reasons, watches his diet.
And a third is all about the chops.

Yesterday I had grilled porkchops at a Vietnamese Chinese place I used to go to a lot. The owner recognized me from years ago and was welcoming. Where had I been all this time? He had seen me around Chinatown..... Well, health had taken a downturn for a while.
But I'm considerably improved now, almost as good as nearly new.

I had actually been in once before, when he wasn't there.
Their 韭菜豬肉餃 are quite delicious.
Life is all about porkchops, restoring briar pipes, good tobacco, and using the paint programme on the computer for maintaining my sanity these days. Augmented and punctuated by good books, talking to friends, and practising my brushwork.

I still study seal script (篆書), but I haven't carved any chops in ages. Nor do I participate in protests, and largely I avoid crowded places. I don't go to concerts, never have.
Not into public festivities or hip with-it shiznit.

Appointments at the clinic are always fun; very nice people, to-the-point conversation along predictable lines, a clean and capable atmosphere, and a finite duration to the exchange.

No clue what we'd talk about if I met them 'socially'.
We'd probably talk about the pandemic.

Kermit The Frog. We'd talk about a small flippery green ace news reporter (and all-round decent fellow) down in the swamp. And all the fabulous things you can do with pork.
Especially now that he's single again, and only cooking for one.
Kermit really should start a cooking show on Teevee.
I would watch it. Avidly.

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