Monday, November 28, 2022


On the way home I got off the bus early. Partly because there were too many younger people (white) without masks, partly because I needed the exercise and wished to finish smoking my pipe. Younger people without masks on a crowded Muni bus spread diseases.
It's what they're good at, and seems to be their single task in life.
Especially during the evening rush hour.

Keep in mind that young refers to immature people up to thirty, just like middle age is anywhere between thirty five and eighty years old. A mature person can be any age.

Immature people older than thirty are just hopelessly stupid.
Probably bourgeois, Karen, and possibly suburban.
Also, they may be on Twitter.

I had chosen my post lunch pipe tobacco with forethought. So NOT the one in the photo below. Many reviewers will use the term "yeasty". By which they mean that it smells profoundly like Limburger cheese or, as a friend says, old sweatsocks. But it's actually a mighty fine product, sweetly complex, of which I will buy more ... so that my winter months will have a subtle perfume of the worst cheese in Europe. Enjoyed several bowls over the past three days.
Naturally I would be hesitant to take off the lid of this tin in a chachanteng, for fear that the staff and customers think me unwashed. The smell travels.

Instead, a red Virginia and Perique compound from Cornell & Diehl occupied the pouch, and was absolutely delightful after black bean sauce spareribs stirfried river noodles (豉椒排骨炒河粉 'si chiu paai gwat chaau ho fan'). I filled up my pipe after ordering, and the smell of 2022 Cringle Flake from Sutliff would have startled and chased away the person sitting nearest me, that being the teenage daughter of the owner lady, whom I never would have guessed to be old enough to be a 'mom' of such a person, as like many Cantonese women she has the skin and build of someone far younger than she actually is.

Which is a good reason to rarely go out to dinner with my apartment mate. One does not want to look like an elderly pervert pursuing a young innocent missy. She's not that much younger, but it looks like decades. And I myself often look like a rascal. Looks can be deceiving; I am more innocent than I seem.

The daughter had chosen that table not because I look like a harmless old dude, but because it was furthest from the door. Today was quite a bit colder than it has been.

It is in fact perfect pipe smoking weather, just right for sending your elderly old coot relative outside to catch his death of cold or pneumonia, which will speed up your inheritance unless he's leaving everything to the Christian Home For Cats. Highly advisable too, if he has a tin of Cringle Flake. Good lord, you don't want that in the house, especially not unlit. It smells phenomenal.

The tobacco inside looks like dark wedges of fudge.
Needs to be rubbed and dried before lighting.
The smoke is intensely rewarding.
Rich, complex, and soft.

NOTE: Both Sutliff and Cornell & Diehl seem to be moving into territory vacant since McClelland closed their doors. And doing so with commendable results.
The Limburger smell is purely coincidental. It's "yeasty".

Yeasty .....


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