Saturday, November 12, 2022


All a person needs is Tater Tots, Chocolate Pudding, and French Onion Soup. A Chinese American person, that is to say. Female. My apartment mate. I do not know if her former boyfriend needed that; she broke up with the dude two plus years ago, and I suspect that Tater Tots, Chocolate Pudding, and French Onion Soup may have had something to do with that. He was a very picky man. In the decades that we have shared an apartment, I have NEVER sneered at Tater Tots, Chocolate Pudding, or French Onion Soup.

Can't say that I'm particularly excited by French Onion Soup myself.
But I am wisely keeping my mouth shut about it.
Unlike her doofus ex.

It's a good thing the turkey vulture also likes those things.
Otherwise he would have a mighty cold welcome.
The turkey vulture (Sydney Fylbert) is the chap on the left. The other fellow is the "control monkey" (Arabello Oyster), who has been living here since the end of the old company ten years ago. He's still traumatized from living in the Markting Department there so long.
A bit of a banana fiend. The Marketing Department were not kind to monkeys.
Like many people in that field they were dickheads.

Because of a history of deprivation (living in the Marketing Department), Arabello needs to be reminded to share withe the other simians of the household whenever we have bananas about. He always worried that there won't be enough for him.
No, he doesn't own a red stapler.

I myself am not much into bananas, despite their immense nutritional value, and seldom buy them. But when I do I make sure that ALL the monkeys get some. It makes them so happy.
Over the years she has bought bananas many more times than I ever have.
The monkeys aren't crazy; they know where the bananas come from.
Naturally they are fonder of her than they are of me.
I am not a jealous type.

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