Tuesday, November 01, 2022


It's amazing what a good night's sleep does to one's perspective. Also very beneficial is the prospect of NOT having to deal with the cannibalistic rightwing hosebags for a few days, and pursuant thereto, I really hope the Niners lose bigly in their next few games, because I would like those sour old cretins to weep into their expensive bourgeois drinks.

When I left yesterday I didn't bother saying 'goodbye'.
The common courtesies have been shortened.
There is too little oxygen.

At one point on Sunday morning I told the worst Magaite that 'Man United' would henceforth, in order to be much more inclusive, be known as 'Person United'. For a long moment the dumb Irishman took me seriously. Then he recognized the ridiculousness of it, 'man' being in in this case short for Manchester ("Personchester"), but he had a worried look on his face for quite a while afterwards.
Among the things that became more apparent over the weekend is that the real estate dude with the dogs really does think that the poor are undeserving, the retired military doctor hates everybody worse off than himself, the illiterate Irishman has replaced religion with Trumpism and despises enlightened people, the small town suburbanite who has never been anywhere is a vicious mean spirited small minded pile of self-satisfied priggish self-made excrement, and the retired member of the judicial branch has become a spiteful narrowminded prick.

Also, they are all much more credulous and narrow-minded than they were when they were still frat boys, and they were probably real rear end hats back then. Bigly.

On my days off I do not have to deal with those people. They are in Marin. Where I wouldn't go if I didn't have to do so. It's one of the heartlands of mediocrity.
An Oakland for well-to-do white people.
There is no there there.

I am of a much sunnier disposition when not around those folks.
Despite Mike from "Senior Benefits" trying to call me.
Spam calls unending. Go sucker Marin, Mike.
San Francisco is not interested.

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