Saturday, November 26, 2022


One of the senile delinquents in the back is convinced that the vaccines were all a scam, don't work, and are a waste of taxpayer money. He's done his own research. Another one thinks it's somehow connected to giving Ukraine taxpayer money. He, too, has done his own research. Both gentlemen have had the full vax plus one booster, and they're leaving it at that. And damn the Democrats.

I shan't be sorry if/when the dingdongs get sick.

Anybody who does his own research is more comfortable listening to an ignoramous than a professional. Skepticism has a place, but it should start with themselves. Neither gentleman is particularly literate or well-informed -- heck, they're Trumpites, so in several ways they're dumb as mud bricks -- and their friends are veering into their world .......

What with being a good Christian, I fervently hope that at least one of them croaks miserably within a year and goes to hell. All of them would be a jackpot. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more Christian I become. By the third or fourth week in December I should be damned well a Puritan, calling down curses and damnation upon those people.

Ain't Christianity grand?

Next up, earth flat.

[A few elderly white people are like that. No matter how often they are confronted with facts, they will continue to insist on fancy. Every attempt to bring them down to earth, every message that contradicts what they KNOW is true, is seen as further evidence of a conspiracy. Simply debating their assertions may mark one as an enemy.]

Some parts of this country are just so pig bollocks ignorant and stupid that I am continually surprised we haven't collectively reverted to the stone age. And some people are just so goldarn dumb that it's always a miracle they got their jeans on with the zipper forward.

I no longer talk to any of them if I can help it.
There is no point to doing so.
Nor any pleasure.

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