Wednesday, November 09, 2022


In complete sympathy with the biggest loser of the election, hillbillies all across the country are choking down a plate of crudités. Those go well with a can of chili, I've heard. Especially when your favourite snakeoil-selling celebrité has lost his race. There is much weeping.
Their red red tears are dripping into their stale breakfast Coors.

Vegetables are good for constipation, boys. Eat up.

You'll be a lot thinner soon.


Even that poncing turd Lindsey Graham admits that the red tidal wave was barely more than a big breaker cresting the breakwater, which must be particularly galling given that he's thrown away any respect he meritted for proximity to the smell of orange rear.

On the other hand, the adderall-crazed religious gun nuts are probably going crazy out in Arizona, snorting lines and working themselves into a frenzy. Very likely we'll see a wave of domestic violence and public vandalism there, especially when they run out of crudités.
They just aren't very sane. Bless their hearts.
And on the third hand, you are all winners!

Quoting from SFGate, "Donald Trump is reportedly "livid," "furious" and "screaming at everyone" after Republican candidates — especially his endorsees — underperformed expectations in Tuesday night's midterm elections".
End quote.

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