Friday, November 18, 2022


The news today tells me that Ellen Lee Zhou is as religiously batshit as ever (personal opinion: she could be worse than the evidence shows, far far worse), a hoity toity save the world magic bakery from the East Bay is opening a San Francisco branch soon (hah! We have PLENTY of good bakeries here!), and a rat infestation has shut down yet another grocery store catering to gluten-phobic wheatgerm freaks in the hipster part of town.

A rat infestation? What is this? New York?

As long as they don't shut down my favourite Chinese bakeries, French bakeries, and manufacturers of decent bread, they can have all the starving long-tailed Republicans scurrying around the floor boards as they want, it's no water off my duck's back.

By the way: I actually like rats. They're among the most intellectually curious of the small disease carrying vermin, and quite social. Republicans, not so much; call pest-control.

And the less said about bonkers Christians, the better.

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