Tuesday, November 29, 2022


My lord that woman is sharp-tongued! She was describing a fellow volunteer, who apparently is a "good Christian" and an absolute bitch, as is not unusual for good Christians. A person who signed up for the task, but hates the recipients and everyone there. My apartment mate is not a Christian. But does what she does because it must be done. Without bringing up her non-Christian motivations. She's been doing stuff like this for years. For the very finest of irreligious reasons.

The good Christian makes sure everyone knows that the only reason she's there is because she's a good Christian, but she would rather NOT be there because as a good Christian she really shouldn't have to do any of this, dammit, especially with all these people who are NOT good Christians, whose company is unsatisfying and whose input she begrudges.

Personally, I am not a good Christian.
I rather despise such people.

On the other hand, they let me to get up to speed on imaginative Cantonese eloquence.
So they do serve a purpose. If it weren't for all the good Christians, cussing as an art form might die out.

What's especially noteworthy is that my apartment mate does NOT have the right vocabulary, so all her curses are fantastical yet completely clean. She has spur-of-the-moment invented phrases in Cantonese which had not existed before. Whereas when I curse in Canto, it's genuinely unprintable. Consequently I stand in awe.

You will no doubt be glad that no Jesus was harmed during this.
No Jesus was even mentioned in any way.
Totally no Jesus.

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