Sunday, November 20, 2022


That Ms. Boebert hates living LBTQ people but loves them when they're dead is obvious, as she's campaigned against them, but tried thoughts-n-prayersing 'em after the recent Colorado shooting incident. She's typical of her social class in that regard.
Dead gays are useful for gun nuts, rightwingers, and Christians.

"We'll pray for them."

I'm sure you will, Bubba, I'm sure you will.

I am very glad the poisonous old rightwingers in the backroom don't keep up with the news and can't really read very well anyway. Even the retired lawyer, who seems to have "jumped the shark". Today was stressful enough without having to smack down elderly Nazis.
Think I'm exaggerating? Son, I've looked into their souls. They're shit.
They're very Christian. Even the Jews among them.

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