Thursday, November 17, 2022


A while back a friend gave me five packs of papirosa because he knew that I liked them. And indeed, they are splendid! A bit on the strong side, with a disturbing medical porn picture on the package to discourage smoking, but other than that quite delightful. Of course I fondly remember the Imperial Russians by Sobranie, as well as many other splendid brands no longer available (because of US regulations) or even made anymore.

It was a far kinder and gentler era.
The Marlboro man weeps.

[Among the lamented fallen: Three Castles, ten packs of Woodbines, Chaliapine, Columbus ..... the list is endless! Such joys! Boys all over the Western World are bereft of their illicitly bought pleasures, hours behind the barn engaged in het stiekum roken van die zalige peuken! Sad. Many young fellows nowadays are vegan healthfreaks.]

There is ONE brand I hope endures forever.
Related thereto, sound medical advice from the thirties told you to reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet, to maintain your girlish figure, and in the fifties we found out that more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette. Yes, in a repeated nationwide survey doctors in all branches of medicine all across the country were asked "what cigarette do YOU smoke?".
More doctors preferred the smooth rich taste of Camels to any other cigarette.
Which was not surprising.

Fine imported smokes were hard to find in those days. If you lived in a sizable metropolis with a university you were in luck, but in the vast hinterland forget it. The average country medical man was lucky if he could find anything halfway decent at all to set fire to.
His early morning or late night cup of coffee was more abysmal for it.

Nowadays he can't even light up in the clinic or his own private office but has to step outside and get run over by the damned joggers. What IS this world coming to?!?

By the way: I'm puffing on a Belomorkanal as I post this.

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