Friday, December 18, 2020


The apartment mate was looking at herself intently in the bathroom mirror yesterday evening. And exclaimed disconsolately: "aaargh, the years have caught up to me, there are more grey hairs, I'm old, I am a haggard beast!"

Now, normally I agree with that woman, because she often makes complete sense, what with being very intelligent and perspicacious. Though in this case she's out of her goofy little mind.

"I am a haggard beast!"


She's eight and half years younger than I am. And she's of Chinese ancestry. So almost no hint of wrinkles at all, youngish face, a slim figure, and quite willow-like. Only another Chinese person could tell that she's a day over forty.

She is, however, quite "operatic".
It's a Cantonese trait.

Haggard beast, my aunt.

The last time we ate at a restaurant together (three years ago), the owner lady looked daggers at me, like I was leading some sweet young thing astray, and how could I, lascivious old goat.

I felt like telling her that that's what we kwailo do.
The restaurant was quite brightly lit.
The food was delicious.
Those eyes!

Personally, I think my apartment mate looks barely thirty years old. And my eyes are fine.
I have my doubts about Chinese eyes, however. I do not look like an old goat.
Not even moderatly ghoul-like.

I am springy.

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