Wednesday, December 09, 2020


At the bus stop last night, while I was out puffing the last pipeful of the day, a street person was holding forth with unintelligible questions. So I don't really know what he was saying, and very likely he himself didn't either. A neighbor from up the block passed him and loudly told him to shut the F up. Which was probably uncalled for -- the neighbor was "protecting" his girlfriend, and both of them were several feet away from the streetperson in any case -- and will have served no useful purpose other than boosting that neighbor's feeling of manhood.
Much like the absence of a mask must have done.

It was a good smoke.
Spoiled only by the shmuck who lives up the street.

There were a quarter of a million more people diagnosed with covid yesterday, the number of dead keep rising, our dipshit president is still denying that he lost the election, local businesses may never recover from the pandemic that could have been prevented IF the government had taking early decisive action ......
And some macho shmuck sees fit to randomly abuse a street person.
Who probably wondered why he was being picked on.
By a moron without a mask.

There are too many people here from elsewhere in the country. Perhaps they should go back. They take up valuable space, and add nothing but meanspiritedness.

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