Saturday, December 19, 2020


Yesterday evening someone queried me about relationships and dating sites. Dating sites can be awful places, disappointing and demanding at the same time. Plus you see the profiles of people you already know, and many of the potential matches have exaggerated interests.

Sometimes you find something else instead.

Avoid dating sites.

A news article informs me that a 42 year old man in Michigan sued his parents for destroying his pornography collection. Twelve full boxes of smut, including two boxes of sex toys.

Like most normal men, I am not averse to a bit of naughty literature, yet it strikes me that there's overkill here. Surely there must have been some thematic repetitiveness?
And why does he need toys?!?

No wonder he was divorced and living at home.

This was reported in the The Holland Sentinel. Holland is a place in Michigan. There are tonnes of Dutch-ancestried people in that part of the world.

So I guess that like true mercantile 'Ollanders, Paul and Beth Werking of Grand Haven must have had one hell of a yard sale. Of their son's personal library. And toy collection.

I too have toys. Over one hundred briar smoking pipes.
As well as a substantial supply of stuff to put in them.
This is because A) pipes need to be rested (rotated) in order to perform well, and B) the health-freaks might interdict the supply of tobacco through further restrictions or extortionate taxes, and C) tobacco improves with age, so some of the McCleland Virginias that I started laying down over a decade ago should be pretty darn nice when I finally open them up.

To the best of my knowledge, sex toys do not need to be rotated.
I am not an expert on rubber goods, however.
If you want to, go ahead.

Good briar shows a depth and surface translucence which delights and enchants, the age of the material becomes evident in the glow and how light reflects off the wood. It's fascinating. There is pleasure in owning several nice pieces. And, of course, pipes are also tactile objects.

Older briar often yields a superior smoke.
I smoke a pipe, occasionally.

It's a vast subject, and some exagerrated interest among aficionadoes is not unknown
As a review of several recent essays on this site will show.
Well heck, just look at the drawings.
A certain obsessiveness, yes. Not twelve boxes full, and it's not compensation.
I am a normal man.

"The lawsuit was filed in federal court in April 2019. In the lawsuit, David Werking claimed his parents illegally destroyed a large amount of pornography that he had left behind at his parents’ house when he moved out at the “request of local law enforcement” in August 2017. The son now lives in Indiana."

Indiana also has Netherlanders! How lucky for them!

Further perusal of The Holland Sentinel is fascinating. As a Dutch American, I find the oddness of Netherlandish tribals in the savage interior both educational and illustrative. It's more or less a scientific interest. I'm sure that a fellow Dutch American pipesmoker whom I know in Boston will also be intrigued by both the specific article as well as the publication that brought it to light, and two South African pipesmokers of my ken will likewise find it curious.


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Anonymous said...

How telling that the son moved to Indiana, aka culturally the northern most county of Mississippi. In the 1920s, when the Ku Klux Klan was enjoying a national renaissance, one inhabitant out of five in Indiana was a member, the highest rate of infection in America. And the home of Mike Pence whom you will see run for president in 2024. Has mother confiscated his collection?


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