Saturday, December 12, 2020


This blogger does not do selfies. At least not often, and not photos. Though I have drawn my own face a few times, in lieu of cell-phonic visual introspection.
I don't draw very well. But I photograph worse.

The following illustrations are also self portraits.

Some of the pipe smoking animals that have cropped up here are also "selfies", in a manner of speaking.

Figures in odd landscapes? Those too.

And Hello Kitty. Just to keep it real.

Plus crabs. Crabs are an accurate self-representation.

The problem with photographic selfies is that they do not say anything, and often flatten the features to the point of dullness. Either that or they enlarge the nose (potato!) and do queer things to the eyes. Photographs can be boring as a self-reflection.

Also, back ground. Is it important to compare yourself to the Louvre or the Piramids? If you wish to remember the trip, do you need to be in the picture? Is the scenery better for being crowded out or dwarfed by your handsome profile?

On Facebook I am John Cleese with maracas surrounded by muppets. A frantic frog plays a role, as well as a grumpy cat. That is altogether a better representation than any straightforward cell-phone selfie could ever be.

Sometimes I don't feel quite myself.

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