Thursday, December 03, 2020


Yesterday evening, thanks to a link posted by a friend, who entitled it "this is the most insane speech I have ever heard", I listened to forty five minutes of Donald Trump yattering. Which is three quarters of an hour which I will never have back. Gone forever. Lost.

Repetitive, repetitive, accusational, psychotic.

So, rather than embedding that paranoiac gibbering nonsense here (because you can easily find it on the internet anyway), I shall post an old-timey advertisement that speaks to a Christmas Season from a kinder and gentler age.

True Christmas spirit!
My friend Kaz asked his wife Mary what colour seat she preferred. They have a truly romantic relationship, and share many interests. Including beautiful solid plastics.

Please note that pearlized orange was not an option.

Clear evidence of widespread fraud.

It's anti-Republican.

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