Sunday, December 06, 2020


There are some things Ecky hates. And refuses to touch if he can help it. What with being used to my coworkers various neurotic mental quirks, and being a practical common sense sort myself, I'm always the one who deals with it.

"You put the damned thing out, I don't wanna get near it!"

In addition to having a snake phobia, he also has a reindeer phobia.
Rusty Sparkles

Admittedly, our friend 'Rusty Sparkles' doesn't look much like a typical reindeer. What with being metal and covered with sparkles. But I think that if Rusty were around the entire year, instead of just the month leading up to Christmas, Ecky would come to accept him (her) as a beloved member of the family.

Tinsel, iron framework, glittery crap, and lights.
A walking advertisement for tetanus.
Good thing I've had a shot.

After putting out Rusty Sparkles, and plugging him (her) in, I lit up a bowlful of flake and fixed myself the first of many cups of tea. By the middle of the day I was wired to the tits.
None of my coworkers are good with animals.

All in all, a good day.

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