Wednesday, December 16, 2020


Further, the term "Abrahamic Religions" is also absurd, l'chatchila. This in clarification for the people from a Christian background, who are somewhat off-kilter about these things.
And grada, being an atheist or a Buddhist does not mean that you aren't Jewish.

Judaism is not merely a religion, in the Christian or Muslim sense. It is also a people, a family, a nation, a descent group, and may also be categorized into several ethnicities.

There are a few other groups where identity implies a religious connection; Armenian (there is NO such thing as a non-Christian Armenian), Scot (savagely disapproving Presbyterian, no matter what religion), and, arguably, Dutch; we fought an eighty year war and emasculated a super power in order to be as Calvinistic and unlikable as we wanted to be, and we're willing to do it again if necessary. Even if many of us are actually Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, or chas ve shalom, Lutheran. Mormons and Southern Baptists are, by definition, not Dutch.
Neither are Seventh Dayers or Jehova's Witnesses.

American is also in the category, because part of that is disapproving Puritanism. As well ignorance, for all the worst religious reasons.

If you are Belgian or Cantonese, identity often means food, no religion implied. But an ability to cook is taken for granted.

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