Tuesday, December 29, 2020


The two ear-worms this weekend have been quite different from each other: Adir-hu at a fast and cheerful tempo, and Avanti Ragazzi Di Buda, which can also be sung in a more stirring fashion than normal. The first is a well-known Passover tune, the second a song about the Hungarian uprising (which was brutally crushed by the Russians) written in Italian a decade after the fact.

The latter song could have become a great anthem to freedom. Unfortunately it became a favourite of Roman soccer fans, and now has an association with public misbehaviour and casual violence. Plus rightwing dickheadism.

All-time earworms have been both the Dutch and French national anthems, although the Dutch one is usually sung too damned slow. There is a tendency in many languages to turn what could be rousing melodies into funereal death hymns.

Music should not be pompous.

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