Tuesday, December 01, 2020


In some ways it's the saddest hypothetical text message ever: "I'm alone, so cannabalism won't get me through this". Probably a good first sentence for a deep and meaningful novel. Mine would start "after my circumcision I couldn't walk or chew gum for a year". But I sympathize with the imaginary first person, and encourage him to eat his own leg.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that all my bad habits started after my circumcision. There is no possible casual link, but it is sequential.

Similarly, but quite different: after most of my vaccinations I became a pipe smoker, started drinking coffee and tea, read an awful lot, and became interested in girls. Those bad habits have stayed with me to this day.

Last week someone stated as an obvious fact that vaccinations are the direct cause of that; had I not been vaccinated, I'd now be living a pure wholesome life, and be far more spiritual.
I'd probably also be dead as a doornail, but that seemed to have escaped her entirely.
She's made it to seventy with no vaccinations since childhood.
And is nearly over the traumas that ensued.

Avoids gluten and citrus.

Which means she doesn't enjoy pasta, pizza, bread, pastries, lemonade, or most salsas.

What a sad, meaningless, and depressing life!

May she enjoy many more years.

Eating her own leg.

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