Sunday, December 13, 2020


The great thing about public transit is the exposure to a wide spectrum of humanity. Which serves to broaden your horizons, and remind you that you are human. Here in the SF Bay Area that might mean, during rainy weather and a pandemic, that the wide spectrum are an angrily ranting loony going up to San Rafael and a stoner drifting in and out of consciousness while hung-over. Other than the phlegmatic busdriver, that was it. Two.

Yes, I love commuting over to Marin on workdays.
I'm lucky, it reminds me that I'm human.
Other people aren't. Sad.

I did not know that the F word could serve so many puposes. Such as punctuating verses in a song. Which he sang while waiting for the bus (which was late), in between making many other mouth noises. Coffee is not meant for everyone. The consciousness drifting man could have used some, probably, but I was fine with him slumping and twitching where he was, and a cup of coffee might have made him more motile.

Stay where you are, little freak. You're more likeable there, six feet or more away.
It's a characteristic you share with so many other people in Marin.
Your loud F word friend is better at three times that.

Despite being human myself, there are times when I dislike humans. It's a form of snobbism.
Their numerous flaws make them seem more human, and I eff-verb present participle (or the gerund form) hate that.

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