Saturday, December 26, 2020


Now that Christmas is over, we can finally admit it; nothing says holiday spirit like banjo music. And all of those sappy songs sung by children would be better if instead of off-key youngsters, there had been banjos. Of course then it would remind people of the movie 'Deliverance'.
But it would evenso be an immense improvement.

From Hallowe'en till now, there has been nothing good on the telly. This claim is probably true, but in all honesty I couldn't know, because I do not watch teevee anyhow.
I'm just assuming a flood of Christmas dreck.

Charles Dickens oft-cited story was sh*tty saccharine pablum.

Indeed, this is partly sour-grapes. Usually my participation in seasonal celebrations is limited, and this year that was much more so. I am Grinch-like.
Notice how the eyes follow you around the room?

With no kinfolk nearby, having grown up overseas, and being quite irreligious, the whole Amerikansas Santa Claus mythos lacks any kind of meaningful significance to me.

It does not please me that everybody else is in the same boat this year.

Some of my friends very much enjoy the holidays.
I wish they had had a better season.
Next year will be better.


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