Wednesday, September 30, 2020


As I thought it would be, that wasn't a debate, that was two old men having a screaming match over a tuna salad sandwich. During which one of them vommitted non-stop.

The international press and the world were disgusted.
Transfixed, yes, but repulsed.

The clear winners were the proud boys and Putin.

No, I didn't watch. Whenever I hear Trump speak it sickens me. Which is pretty much the same reaction I have nowadays whenever the loathsome cretins who support him speak. What would really benefit my equilibrium would be if Trump, McConnell, Graham, all of Donald Trump's loathsome offspring including the illegitimate ones, every Republican senator and governor, and all of America's fundamentalist Christian preachers, were to stroke out, shit themselves, convulse, and die, in public.

One of my Facebook buddies cogently remarked: "Debating Donald Trump is like playing chess with a Pigeon. He just knocks down all the pieces and then shits all over the board."
[William P.F. Sr.]

If you support Trump, you probably kick puppies and think tuna salad on wonder bread is the acme of man's achievement. Plus you voluntarily live in an all-white community, where even the token Jews are Uncle Toms, and the Chinese Restaurant serves multiple variations on Sweet'n Sour Pork, General Joe's Chicken, and Tuna Casserole with canned fruits.

America, that was goddamned effing disgraceful.
Please be ashamed of yourself.

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