Tuesday, September 15, 2020


At six in the morning one realizes that sanity is rather over-rated. As a coping mechanism, it leaves a little bit to be desired. Many of the people with whom I come in contact on a regular basis deal with the world as it is better for being slightly loopy at least. If they had to face facts with brutal honesty they'd possibly crumple up and start screaming. Somewhat like them, I also look at everything through special glasses.

Caffeine is a miraculous tool. It wakes you up and keeps you going. How people who do not partake of it carry on is a mystery.
Maybe drugs are involved.

Other than caffeine, nicotine, and capsaicin, I do not do substances.

It's still over half an hour before I take the prescribed medication vouched for by a sober and realistic medical specialist in a clinical setting.
Coinciding with the first hot beverage of the day.
Preceding a walk and a smoke.

The pipe shown is the only one that I let the rim get so tarred up. It's interesting to see the slow growth of black ribbled surface for more than a decade. And, seeing as the rim was modified anyway, it's okay. Sweet smoker, not particularly decent briar. Any amount of flakes and Virginia Perique blends have been chased through the bowl over time.

It was acquired on a day when I left the apartment without smoking equipment, back when I still worked downtown. A chance purchase.
And a decent enough solution to what was a problem, namely maintaining my equilibrium on a slightly stressful day.

This morning it will have Astleys' No. 109 flake.
It's a good way to start the morning.

The picture above shows reality. A garbage can on the corner. Dogs pee against it, and it contains little plastic bags of their more solid waste because their humans dutifully pick up after them.

It's their way of dealing with reality.

Reality is dull in colour.

And disposable.


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