Friday, September 11, 2020


That smell. That smell, that wonderful smell. Slow-frying onions from the air well, as well as the smell of fresh fish at the street markets in Holland. Perhaps with a little parsley. First gently brown the onions without burning them -- keep stirring -- then place the cleaned fish on top. Add some grated ginger and a pinch of nutmeg. Raise the heat, then seethe with beer. A sprinkle of fresh parsley, and some chopped chervil if you have it. Salt and pepper.
Squeezing a lemon is absolutely not necessary.
A dab of tomato paste, maybe.

Serve with steamed rice and sambal.

That, more or less, was the thought-string that went through my mind while pouring myself a hot cup of tea late yesterday afternoon. Onions, of course, require more cooking than fish. That's why they go into the pan well in advance. Maybe with olive oil, maybe with butter.

It was a welcome change from the hint of barbecue in the air these past few days.

I'm still savouring the mental flavour.

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