Friday, September 25, 2020


The raccoons in Golden Gate Park have eaten the hobos, and are now importuning upstanding folk for handouts. And to this blogger it very much seems advisable to give them that. They're clean, can't do drugs, and are possibly future upstanding citizens in this great metropolis.

Photo by Marc Estoque
Article: Hello, human!

Kid, do you have a bag of crispy nibbles? Go ahead, share it! It's the good Christian thing to do.

You should probably blow your entire paycheck on raccoon treats, young man, because making friends with our less blessed furry and rabid fellow Americans will broaden your perspective and teach you about reality. Brutal, harsh reality, that has these sweet criminal looking furbabies desperate for Ripple or Lancers to soften the blows of urban life.
They've got hands, soon they'll have tools and utensils.
And, dare we hope, responsible jobs.
Self respect.

Raccoons are often unobtrusive and responsible fellow citizens, as is made clear in the following examples:

Independent minded
Midnight snack
Something familiar
The noodly yumminess
Going downtown

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