Saturday, September 19, 2020


Judging by the outrageous tumult outside presently, liquor sales in SF have rebounded. Oh boy. And there is audible evidence of unsafe non-distancing. As a verkrampte Dutch Calvinist (by ancestral and cultural heritage, though not by any means by personal practice OR belief system) it is my happy duty to disapprove. Severely. All of you, hush! Cease your unseemly and licentious night-time gallivanting right now!

Y'all need to be more like me. Calm, rational, restrained.
With a quiet yet firm hauteur.


All gallivanting, wether licentious or suffused with probity and reserve, needs to be done during daylight hours, so that we can see your embarrassed intemperate asses and sneer at you.

Actually, I miss gallivanting. I used to do it on occasion.

In the same manner as I currently judge gallivanting harshly, I also thoroughly despise mixed dancing. Reason being that I don't dance well, and am cognizant of the impression that makes on other people. Spastic jerking just doesn't look good, dignified, or graceful. Some people sing in the shower, I dance in the dark.

I am neither musically inclined nor gifted with a sense of rythm.
What was obvious has become a life-style choice.

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