Tuesday, September 22, 2020


A number of people I know are celebrating Hobbits AND the beginnging of a Jewish new year (Rosh Hashana was last week, Yom Kippur is five days hence), as well as finally putting their summer whites (socks, gloves) and straw boaters in the closet for the rest of the year. As well as the beginning of Autumn, and the advent of "damned well everything pumpkin spice or else".
I am not in a tizzy over any of that.

In three weeks it will be my birthday. And I do not intend to get much worked-up about that either.

Right at this moment I'm having my afternoon tea. Strong, with milk and sugar. In a short while there will be a walk, with a pipe, along quiet streets.
That is all the giddiness I need.
Tea and a late afternoon smoke are far more important than many other things. They are a way of maintaining the social order and showing that one has standards. Quite unlike that horrid music coming from an apartment two buildings over, which demonstrates more than anything else that the occupant there is a low-browed deviant with coarse tastes and no moral fibre whatsoever.
Distinctly audible are verbs of intercourse.

My father's side of the family often made a pot at tea-time, and naturally I fell into the habit also. Though years ago I discovered that there was more to tea than just common black tea. There is an enormous range of semi-fermented teas, green tea, and even white tea (so-called because it has been delicately handled after plucking, and the leaf fuzz still adheres). All of these are all-day beverages, but mid to late afternoon is more suited to a strong British style cup.

A snack or cookie is desirable.
Not essential.

I feel absolutely certain that if the person two buildings over is having refreshments at the moment, they are NOT tea and a baked item, but watery American beer and perhaps something crispy salty greasy from a bag.

He really has horrible taste in music.
And probably much else.


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