Monday, September 28, 2020


It is presently ninety five, ninety six degrees Fahrenheit outside. Warmer than yesterday. And where I work (today I'm off) is apparently the same. So I'm fervently hoping heat prostration strikes some of the people in that neighborhood. Seeing as I am a mean person, whose discomfort because of heat while taking medications prescribed to keep me alive is extreme to the point of constant agony at these temperatures. And they're Trumpites.

Beta blockers, heart medications, blood pressure pills.
My legs feel swollen and dropsical.

North Beach, San Francisco, in early July.

While out having a short smoke a fellow I knew passed by. Slowly, almost collapsing.

"Terlalu panas hari ini."

"Panas sekali."

[Amsterdam Dutch for "lovely weather we're having, isn't it?" "Indeed, California has a splendid climate, so much better than New Hampshire or Connecticut." "Verily."]

"Oh lihat, ada selelaki yang telanjang."

My body temperature ranges between 96.5 and 97.2. Amsterdam at this time is high fifties to low sixties. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Perfect for a walk with a pipe.

This is a pipe.

Both of us are used to colder climes.
As is the lelaki yang telanjang.

Can't run around in my underwear, because in this heat I damned well can't run, barely even stumble, and I live with someone. My apartment mate would be shocked.
I feel like crap, but I look decent.


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Lady Ignatia J. Reilly said...

Heading into a cool spell in Boston at the moment. Doesn't matter, I'm an old spinster and I couldn't give a good goddamn what these nasty self-described "Massholes" get up to down in the streets of Somerville. I'm perfectly content to sit at my computer, type up submissions to The Sewanee Review, admonish my cats, chain-smoke Marlboro Lights, and sip on a pitcher of French 75.

The back of the hill said...

An unknown commented in my letterbox: "You might find that an ACE inhibitor in combination with a diuretic will solve the problem of discomfort in heat and edema. That worked wonders for me."

Sounds promising. I'll research that. Thank you.

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