Sunday, September 13, 2020


Several things lead me to conclude that the idiots are legion. Recently.

A pro-Trump rally (!) in Minden, Nevada, with hardly any social distancing and few masks (!), with music by Elton John (!) and Queen on the sound system while the worshipful anxiously mob waited. Incorrect masking on public transit (folks, unless your nose is covered, it's useless), and California Burn Your Mask Day, the second observance of which is scheduled for September fifteenth.

Plus QAnon. More QAnon.

But what takes the cake is this:

(1) Antifa alert

They'll attack your homes if Joe's elected. Pres Trump needs you to become a Diamond Club Member. Your name is MISSING. Donate:

I believe that message above was sent to all the Fascists that the Trump campaign knows about, that being a sizable demographic on the right, many of whom are both gullible and well-heeled enough to merit the attention of a fundraising approach tailored just for them.

Poster children.

We'll need more canned soup. They are soft and spongy.

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