Sunday, September 06, 2020


As any man would, I recalled the descriptions of India written during the first two centuries of the Birtish presence there. Too hot. Crotch rot, prickly heat, and gunwale arse. Part of that, of course, was due to the unfortunate habit the British had of wearing clothing, instead of running around naked.

If you really want to scare the natives into quiescense, ANYWHERE, nothing will accomplish that faster than a naked scrawny white man's bottom. If I wanted this neighborhood to silently OBEY me, and no questions asked, I'd follow my own excellent advice.

The other slight possibility is that a mutiny would result.

But it's probably too hot for anything so energetic.

It was 106° Fahrenheit at work today.

And no restless natives.

Because of the heat my feet are swollen and I can barely walk. Expect another indignant letter to the editor! Harrumph!

The two other reasons besides the horrid climate and endemic crotch rot that India proved unhealthy for the English is that they insisted on piles of meat at every meal and drank like fish.

My dinner tonight was a mustard greens soup, scant meat content, with some chilies and ginger, refreshing and energizing in this heat. And I'm currently sitting in my underwear. I have lovely boxer shorts.

At present I am languid.

Took five pipes with me to work today, enjoyed three tobaccos. The pipes were a Gresham Giant, a GBD off-brand squat bull dog, a GBD made bent bull (Benaderets), a Sunrise billiard ("the pipe for watching rats in Spofford Alley"), and an Ehrlich.

The tobaccos were my own composition (red Virginia, blonde, and Perique), Gillingham Mixture (Cornell & Diehl), and Astleys No. 109 Medium Flake (made by Orlik for Kohlhase & Kopp). That last is proving very enjoyable; it brings back memories of rainy Autumn weather in Northern Europe, and long twilights. Rattan chairs, wooden floors, the social club.

Hot tea keeps one afloat when it's a tropical day. But it's also good for cold darkish afternoons, and basically any time.

If I go out for another smoke later, I'll put on some pajama pants.
Don't want random strangers to envy my brilliant boxers.

Sleep may prove difficult tonight; swollen feet.

Texas and Arizona are always this hot.
No wonder people there are crazy.


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