Saturday, February 01, 2020


A friend who is a cigar smoker recently mentioned that he too is now taking statins. Which, as every midde-aged reader of this blog knows, keep your blood cholesterol in check -- a preventive measure -- and will thus prevent plugged up arteries and such like. It's prophylactic. According to a Parsee friend, they also make you fart. Of course she eats more beans and lentils than most people (it's an Indian thing), so might benefit from more yoghurt .....
Which I shall mention to her the next time I see her.

Despite her vast experience with statins, she has an active social life.

Mine is far less lively. Other than conversing with cigar smokers, I hang out in Chinatown a lot on my days off pretending to be a vegetable.

As almost any discussion of medication would, this brought up Chinatown and HK eating habits. My medical history is tied in to that neighborhood, because the pharmacy where I got my refills recently is located there, as is my regular care physician, likewise the restaurants and bakeries where I go for lunch and late afternoon tea, especially after medical appointments.

When I smoke my pipe of an afternoon, I am also usually in that area. Unfortunately there are no indoor smoking environments there -- to the great joy of glandered puritanical anti-smoking types everywhere -- so like many people I smoke outdoors, on the street, under convenient awnings, or near schools, healthcare facilities, and childrens' playgrounds.
Even in inclement weather.

So far, no one has complained. Everyone in that neighborhood has relatives who smoke, or themselves are the relatives who smoke. And risk pneumonia by doing so outdoors in the cold and wet. Because we'd rather die while still enjoying life than listen to the venomous harpies who begrudge us our health and small pleasures.

Which also explains the plethora of unhealthy foods so widely available there. Roast pork, duck, baked spaghetti with porkchops and cheese, HK French toast, pineapple buns toasted with butter melting inside, sweet egg waffles, rich cream buns, fatty pork with salt fish, egg tarts ...... And that, in turn, suggests that statin use is common, among the older people especially.

I'm looking forward to my next off day.

I hope it doesn't rain.

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