Sunday, February 23, 2020


"It's true, the police are picking him up now." Said with perfect diction, in a refined accent. Not mentioning the show, nineteen sixties, shot in England. From the era when everybody smoked cigarettes that hung from the corner of their mouth. Serious looking, also dashing and derringdoesque.
Before Colombo and Kojak cheapened all of that.

I should mention that I did not start watching television till sometime in the nineties, when the engineers kept talking about The X-Files.
Which certainly had its moments.

"Usually they don't make females the villains."

That was the apartment mate reacting to the show. She's the person who rented it. She tends to like female villains (who doesn't?) and read all about Nancy Reagan because of it. One could hardly call Ronald a villain -- given that he was completely gaga since the early seventies anyhow -- but his wife, there was something else. An evil piece of work.

My apartment mate's EX ("Wheelie Boy") has been described as "looking like a movie star" and "very handsome". Which, personally, I cannot see. Decent chin, what ever. To me he looks like a dingo. I may be biased.
Ronald Reagan was also described as looking like a movie star.
He too looked remarkably like a dingo.

Donald Trump has likewise been described as looking like a movie star.
Yeah, not by anyone I know, or would associate with willingly.
Some people are just idiots. Outright idiots.

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