Tuesday, February 25, 2020


It is this blogger's rare privilege to at times associate with ignorant stupid people. Recently I had to overhear a whole discussion about the Democratic Party being a front for the international communist conspiracy, leavened by ratings of the hotness level of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, someone's idiot cousin Peter, and popular sports figure Bumgarner's secret life as either a rodeo clown or candygrammer or sumpin' not sure what (no interest, didn't listen, bugger sports), plus segues into the pressing need to round up all homeless people, truck them out to the desert, and make them dig holes.

Concerning that last subject, there was disapproval of their life style, and my proposal to help them get off the streets by compelling companies of a certain size to hire the insane -- one out of every ten employees should be certifiably out of their mind -- was pooh-pooed, because government should not dictate to businesses who they can and can't hire. Forcing them to not discriminate in hiring practices against blacks, women, Asian & Pacific Islanders, and member of the LGBTQ community, is communism!

They unanimously agreed that hiring crazy folks was something best left to government agencies (city, state, or federal), who were already compliant, what a pity that they weren't taking the opportunity to get off the streets.

This blogger is bucking for sainthood, and is a tolerant man.

I am very patient with the mentally challenged.

It's my most endearing trait.

I am not vested in communism or AOC's hot chicky-boomness, know nothing about miss Bumgarner's personal life or live-stock fettishes, and even less about holes in the desert. Is that a thing?

FWIW: Bernie Sanders is NOT a communist. He's just an old asshole who accomplished bugger-all while in the senate, and spits when he talks.

They also ranted about all those socialist western European countries being horrible places because of healthcare, and couldn't understand that the biggest problem in those places is that they're overcast all the time, wear smelly kilts, and swill cheap akvavit.

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Leah Wheelie-Girl said...

Bernie Sanders belongs at a Workman's Circle meeting with all the other dying Jewish socialists, singing old Yiddish songs and moaning about their weak tickers.

The back of the hill said...

Old Yiddish songs? Like this one: דער אינטערנאַציאָנאַל

shtayt oyf ir ale, ver vi shklafn
in hinger leybn miz, in noit
der gayst - er kokht, er rift tsi wafn
in shlakht indz firn iz er greyt.
di velt fin gwaldtatn in laydn
tseshtern weln mir in dan:
fin frayheyt, glaykhheyt a Gan-Aydn
bashafn vet der arbetsman.

Und so weiters.

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