Friday, February 21, 2020


This morning I scoped out the news of the day, on Thursday I let the tide of ignorant ranting from the boys just slide over me, exercising my right not to dispute needlessly. Remarkably they all had solutions. To everything.

As was entirely to be expected, logic and facts were not the most important elements in their old-school weltanschauungen. By a rather wide margin.

They differ less than they think from the majority.

It's all magic.

"We are deeply saddened and embarrassed by the action of our employee"

------Spokesperson for Super 8 by Wyndham Plymouth, Plymouth, Indiana.

SOURCE: Racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians - CNN

We are too, dude. We are too. You know, I thought my country was better than this. Apparently we are precisely like the Italians and the French.
Or the Ukranians. Remarkable people, those Ukies.

"Whenever I get a flu shot, I always get the flu"
and ""I never go to the doctor, they lie."

------Cigar smoker who shall remain nameless, a happy go lucky fellow.

Besides insanity and addiction, diseases were hardly mentioned yesterday.

There is better access to knowledge in this era than even a few years ago. But there is less common sense. Or at least it often seems that way.
Rather than despairing over my dumb-ass fellow man on a day off, I shall sometime today head over to Chinatown for something nice to eat, plus a cup of Hong Kong milk tea, and a stroll around the alleyways with my pipe filled with a lovely tobacco mixture. It's quite safe there, and no one ever asks me where I'm from because of my accent.

At present I have no desire to visit France, Italy, the Ukraine, Indiana, or New York. Despite their beeindruckende sehenswürdigkeiten.

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