Sunday, February 02, 2020


While the seasonal cold makes life miserable, it appears that the extreme frigidity is lessening, and warmer weather returning. Which can be defined as above 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Below fifty-two degrees and Raynaud's phenomenon becomes an issue. For all normal people.
Of which I am one.

Spring. Growing things. Little flowers.
Butterflies and stuff.

Over in suburbia, one additional thing.

That which can never be unseen.

Pasty middle-aged dudes in cargo shorts.

"when i "outgrew" all my jeans like 10 years ago i just bought 3 pairs of "cargo pants" in my new size. they're all slightly different colors and i rotate them, but i'm pretty sure everyone thinks i only have one pair of trousers. no big deal, i'm not pretending to be mr. rich and fashionable. cargo pants are super cheap here, everyone wears them. like whatevs."

Trust me, dude, worst look in the world.

Damned vegetarian.

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