Thursday, February 13, 2020


The sandwich from the convenience store was loaded with ham, just mounded apathetically in the centre, slammed in slapdash devil may care, with no regard to spreading it around. Careless. Hurried. It was decent ham. Dinner this evening was sliced charsiu pork bits mixed into fried rice stick noodles with braised white cabbage. Minced ginger, touch of curry sauce, sploodge of chili paste. Squeeze of lime.

Dinner was prepared by me. So the pork was evenly distributed.

Ginger is healthy, right? There was enough ginger in it.

Now I'm wondering what I should have for lunch tomorrow on a day off. Pork is the default meat. I'm thinking juicy little dumplings. You can tell that I am not a Cantonese person because I don't go batsh*t over shrimp. If I were Cantonese, at least one of the three meals mentioned, possibly even all of them, would contain shrimp. Lovely fresh shrimp.

My apartment mate, who is quintessentially Cantonese, devours shrimp like it's mother's milk.


If I were dating a Cantonese person, I would make sure that they were filled with shrimp tomorrow, which is Valentine's Day, a perfect day for shrimp. My apartment mate is not presently "seeing" anyone, but does seem to still have a relationship of sorts with Wheelie Boy, her Aspy Jewish boyfriend of several years; they converse telephonically. So if there are shrimp around tomorrow, it will be her indulging herself. Even if she and Wheelie Boy were still "together", it would be highly unlikely for him to gift her shrimp.

Nothing says "romance" like a bouquet of shrimp.
Perhaps with a spray of charsiu pork.

My plans for the big celebration of love or whatever do not involve shrimp or other people. I'm open to change, but as it stands it will be noshing by myself on something porky, enjoying a cup of hot milk tea, maybe a pastry, and a long walk with a pipe filled with tobacco while contemplating life's great mysteries ... like why charsiu pork is so delicious, might it go well with oysters, possibly even shrimp, and why haven't the Cantonese adopted carnitas or the Mexicans discovered charsiu. It seems so natural!

As you can tell, I'm an incurable romantic.

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