Friday, February 28, 2020


Because of Wuhan corona virus, three issues have gained prominence more than they used to have: self-isolation, medical deductibles, and paid medical leave. The best way to self-isolate is to go over to the affluent suburbs and deliberately associate with people who wouldn't give you the time of day. Medical deductibles as well as medical insurance are too high, and stalwart Republicans don't want you to have affordable coverage anyhow ... so rather than getting tested, head on over to the Supermarket in that affluent suburb and cough all over the produce. Paid sick leave? Yeah, no. Go ahead, greet, hug, and act all palsy-walsy with clients, customers, coworkers, and damned well everybody who visits the building. America's Republicans have decided that doing so is more cost-effective and fair to them than paying you to stay home when ill. And again, ALWAYS think of the affluent suburbs.

Seeing as most people in the United States can't afford to get tested, and won't be able to pay for the eventual vaccine anyhow, but can still own guns, the future in those affluent suburbs with their Republican inhabitants may be quite interesting.

Admittedly, the nearest affluent suburbs for Kentucky and Tennessee are in adjacent areas, like Maryland, Washington D.C., and Delaware, but just load your entire infected family into the station wagon, with your hunting riffles (for any chance-met gated communities), and head across the border.
If you're in North Florida or Mississipi, remember all those retirement homes, country clubs, and the Cuban exiles in Miami-Dade.

Don't forget Texas.


The best thing for you, if you catch ill, is to patronize Starbucks, Chipotle, and Health Clubs. And to get close to people wearing yoga pants. You are never more alone than when you're surrounded by people wearing yoga pants or talking on their cell-phones.

And ALWAYS think of the affluent suburbs.

Yoga pants.

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Anonymous said...

Should I become infected at my advanced age, it will likely be a death sentence. So I will attend every Trump rally, mega church service and gun show I can.


The back of the hill said...

Good idea. Many of my customers, as you know, are "that type". Besides being my age or older.

Anonymous said...

Imagine an outbreak of the virus in the shop, and you are forced to stay in quarantine with those clients in the cigar lounge for 14 days...


Donald Trump said...

March 3, 2020.

Quote: "Likely already at least 500 to 600 cases of Covid-19 in the greater Seattle area."

Quote: "As of Tuesday, the state was reporting 27 cases and nine deaths. That is up from 18 cases and six deaths on Monday."

Source: Washington State risks seeing explosion in coronavirus cases without dramatic action, new analysis says
By HELEN BRANSWELL @HelenBranswellMARCH 3, 2020

The back of the hill said...

"Imagine an outbreak of the virus in the shop, and you are forced to stay in quarantine with those clients in the cigar lounge for 14 days... "

A nightmare. For them. Fourteen days would be more than enough time to bludgeon them like baby harp seals, after making them thoroughly miserable.

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