Tuesday, February 25, 2020


The San Francisco Bay Area is a lovely place where the sun always shines and we all get along with each other, while singing our happy songs and dancing our little dances!

"The video shows the older man stepping toward a trolley that carries several garbage bags full of recyclables. He is chased away by a man who pursues him while wielding a tool used to pick up waste.

Onlookers audible in the video can be heard mocking the victim. Several say the man who pursued him stole his possessions, and goad the victim into trying to retrieve them.

The victim again begins to approach the bags, prompting the suspect to break into a run and attempt to swing at him repeatedly with the trash-picker as onlookers shouted in the background. The video ends with the victim crying, and an onlooker — who previously assailed the man for appearing Asian — mocking him."
End quote.

Source: elderly man attacked while collecting cans.

Authorities are investigating, and assert that it is too early to know if there was a racist aspect to the altercation. They've taken the opportunity to repeatedly laud the Community Ambassador program, which negates all those things anyhow. Harmony, peace, happiness, love. Fershure.
Hot air, mutual back pats, rah rah rah.

"It's too early to label the incident as a suspected hate crime."

Yeah man, let's not jump to any conclusions.

The phrase “I hate Asians” may actually have a deeply meaningful cultural significance in the Bayview district that I am unaware of. Certainly there is that possibility. Yes. Indeed.

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