Wednesday, February 12, 2020


One of the most noticeable things about the new Corona virus (CoVid-19, 武漢肺炎) is the ignorance; people just don't do the necessary reading, but react according to preprogrammed biases. Things to remember: you cannot catch it just by proximity to Asians, eating Chinese food will not infect you, and if it was that easy to catch, we'd all be dead now.
Someone wearing a mask is not a carrier.

An article on SFGate shows the effect of stupidity:

"We have had emails from concerned volunteers, parents, citizens of the city and the Bay Area, asking, ‘Why do you insist to continue on with this parade where we’re going to gather a big group of Asians; where we could get infected?’ Those fears are unfounded – just because it’s a big Asian event doesn’t mean you’re going to get infected."
[William Gee]

"Because the coronavirus is from China, and most people in Chinatown are Chinese, people are kind of afraid to come in."
[James Cheh]

"Contrary to some bizarre online hearsay, though, coronavirus cannot be passed through food."

[Source: Has coronavirus scared people away from SF's Chinatown? -- SFGate.]

While on the one hand I've been enjoying a quieter and more peaceful lunch or teatime in Chinatown, on the other hand I'm rather pissed at the racism, xenophobia, and sheer dumb-assedness, that's at the root of that.
It's affecting some of my favourite places.

On the third hand, you can indeed catch syphilis from being anywhere near a bistro or a French-speaker. It's absolutely rife over there, they practically invented it, and the Paris Metro is the epicentre.

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Lucie said...

Not all Francophones have syphilis. Unfortunately their insufferability is even more contagious.

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