Sunday, February 09, 2020


In short: Malaria has a historical impact, the moon rising above the Oakland hills looks beautiful and like a salted egg yolk (月兒那麼漂亮), alligators are hard to train, and she may look like a little meatball but she knows very well where your hurty-places are. Oh, and it was pipe club day today.
Also, loukoumia benefits your squidgy bits.

I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was naked, covered in oil, in a hotel room in Hong Kong, frantically arguing with housekeeping that they should come by later as I still had not washed myself, I smelled bad.

I explained 我重未沖涼 ('ngoh chong mei chong leung') while keeping the door at just a crack. Fortunately housekeeping agreed with me. 嘩!好鹹, 臭油膉噉 ('waa', 'hou haam', 'chau yau yik gam').
There may have been an element of snark there, but I was in no position to stand on ceremony.

My dreams are somewhat influenced by blood pressure medication. I have never been covered with oil in a hotel room, anywhere. And I do feel that something is lacking, a character building experience I have missed.

if I head to Hong Kong anytime soon I'll be sure to cover myself with oil.

Waa! Hou haam! Chau yau yik gam!

Everybody at pipe club loved the Black Mallory, and Bernard also liked the Arango Balkan Supreme. There was some discussion of Wuhan Corona, sour beer, Virginias. Plus noshing on cheeses, salume, crispy crackers, Islay whisky, and port. Being an abstemious sort, I simply had cheese and drank far too much tea, and was zipped to the gills when I left.

The boys are planning another social event.

Yeah, these aren't "men only" occasions, but the number of women pipe smokers is rather small (understatement), and of the spouses that some of the members of the pipe club have, only one gladly suffers the company of the rest of us. We probably smell too much like grampa for the others.
Ngoh-tei chuen-po hou chau yau-yik.

Naturally the regime was also mentioned. Unlike the cigar smoker infestation that normally dominates, the pipe smokers are more socially aware and politically American than a bunch of alligators, and in consequence there were no stupid comments, and Vladimir Putin was not praised in any way. So it was a peaceful and interesting meeting.
I did not mention the hotel in Hong Kong.
It would've been complicated.


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