Sunday, February 16, 2020


The green stuff is fragrant screwpine, mixed with foodcolouring for both artificial verisimilitude and as a visual clue. At least I think that's what it is, but it might be matcha. Whatever, it's not particularly noticeable, as the toffee bits on the outside and the sweet cream within dominate. It was purchased at one of my favourite Chinatown bakeries, which was not doing very good business because people are loosing their marbles over corona virus. Several of the eateries I passed were nearly empty. Americans believe that you can catch Wuhan Pneumonia from looking at a Chinese person.

Just like you can catch syphilis from looking at a Frenchman.
Or stupidity by seeing too many North Americans.

There was also brown stuff in the pastry.
Chocolate, possibly.


The "vermillion ancient capability squad orchid auspicious gentleman rolled egg cake" ('jyu gu lik paan laan seui si kuen'). Which is delicious, and goes well with a hot beverage. Chocolate pandan Swiss roll cake.

Whatever the heck the green and brown stuff is.

I actually prefer their old wife cakes -- small flaky biscuit pastries filled with candied winter melon paste -- as well as something I haven't seen there in a long time, probably because I don't go there in the morning when all the locals are there. The Lotus Flower Flaky Cake (荷花酥餅 'ho faa sou bing'), a round item consisting of a sweet rich doughy filling somewhat similar to boterkoek, enclosed by a flaky pastry cut to open up like a flower.

Apparently I have a new nickname there: 奶茶鬼佬 ('naai chaa kwai lo')。
Milk tea foreigner. I am not Chinese, and I have a beverage.

Same as "teapot uncle", except he's Chinese.
And he's there more often too.

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