Tuesday, February 04, 2020


This blogger rejoices obsessively in finicky details and peculiar bits of knowledge. But not all the time. Which is why I did not realize untill mere moments ago the popular Hong Kong actress and singer Anita Mui (梅艷芳 'mui yim fong') is "voluptuous fragrance".

豔 variant 艷 ('yim'): sleek, sexy, voluptuous, gorgeous.
芳 ('fong'): fragrant, fragrance; virtuous, beauty.

That's twenty eight strokes. Bean is the radical under neath which you will find it in your handy dictionary. And surely you do have a handy dictionary? Everyone should have a (handy) dictionary, because correctly writting things is extremely important. Particularly the right order of strokes.

That same finicky obsessiveness explains why I spent several hours in the past week fussing with the stem of a pipe, as well as almost all evening yesterday fine-tuning the rims of two Kaywoodie smooth squat bulldogs from the fifties while my computer self-checked and rebooted.

On the other hand, my living quarters are a mess. My obsessiveness does not encompass excessive order. In the words of not just one stuffed animal, but several, "this place is a dump".

The obsessed finicker needs more space. Maintaining order requires room. Shelving. A series of lists, and a large work surface on which to arrange his things. As well as places for ashtrays and jars of tobacco. If I ever win the lottery, I'm renting the vacant apartment next door for a long table at which to read, several bookshelves, and a few nice old-fashioned draughting department cabinets. It will be a smoking room, more or less.

Neatly organized stacks of tobacco tins, arranged by date of purchase, category of blend, label theme, and voluptuous fragrance. A stockpile.

A section for the brushes and ink stones too. As well as scroll weights, seal carving equipment, and regular reference dictionaries.
And large coffee table art books.

I suppose I'll need to think about ventilation.

Better start drawing a schematic.

Making a list.


Appointment with the cardiologist later today, basically a follow-up on the procedure a year ago, as well as a review of my current condition. Which is that I feel fine. All piss and vinegar. He doesn't need to know that one of my medications is increasing an already extant tendency toward ocd and neurotic behaviours. To which I have adapted nicely.
I am more than I once was.
Which is good.

I shan't mention that side-effect to my coworkers or my apartment mate. They are all very patient people, but tend to be snide and sarcastic.
They really don't need more material.
Nor do I need that.

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Cecily said...

Out of curiosity, are there any scents on the market you would describe as 'voluptuous'?

The back of the hill said...

Very likely candidates: Black Opium, by YSL. Paris, by YSL. Crystal Noir, by Versace.

Perfumes with citrus and spices top notes, floral middle notes, wood or moss base notes.

If it smells recognizably of coconut, candy, or Hello Kitty, it's right out.

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