Sunday, February 16, 2020


Sometimes it seems like daycare. Because it was a gorgeous day today, sunny and bright, few of the people I like dropped by, but Little White Nipple Dude did. I am a patient and tolerant man, and consequently know more about his meerschaum pipes as well as his smoking habits, than I wanted. As well as that the San Francisco Police will cite you for smoking where you shouldn't if you are yelling abuse at people and throwing things.

Which seems perfectly reasonable.

He was there for more than an hour. I felt like calling the SFPD, but it's in Marin, and he wasn't being abusive.

He also mentioned, in very great detail, the red lacquer Dunhill lighter he uses for lighting his pipes.

Again, I shall stress that I am a patient and tolerant man.

I could have been a combat medic.

Confession: What every sane pipe smoker wants, really wants, is either good company and a place to smoke, OR peace and quiet and a place to smoke. Plus tea and occasionally some chocolate. Dark chocolate covered lemon satin creams are very nice, fyi. They should be on sale now that Valentine's Day is over.

Note that by "sane pipe smoker" is meant this blog author.
Certainly not Little White Nipple Dude.

Cookies are nice too.

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Aussie Steve said...

For a second there I thought you said "wombat medic".

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