Sunday, October 20, 2019


The news today, like everyday for a long time now, has been rather frightful. Molotov cocktails, riots, war crimes by our scum-sucking alllies the Turks may that entire nation rot in hell or die of the pestilence, and Russian trolls and agents speaking well of Tulsi Gabbard. Oh, and Hindu nationalism, which is basically Naziism garbed in saffron.

So obviously, casual chit chat about politics with most people is out of the question, given that the folks I run into during the day tend to be misguided Trumpites and the prematurely senile. As well as the pervert who keeps mentioning his private parts. Hi Dan!

My apartment mate, a brilliantly gifted woman with Aspergers, has without realizing it given me a new ice-breaker.

"Are you afflicted with piles?"

This ranks right up there with the opening lines used by nurses and hospital staff when I was recovering from a ruptured appendix. "Have you urinated yet?" Have you had a bowel movement?" Have you passed gas?" They, of course, were simply checking to see if the old man's insides were starting to function normally again. Which, eventually, they did.

The question "are you afflicted with piles", however, seeks a deeper truth. Basically, how is your emotional state (today), and should one look for something other than childhood trauma as an explanation for why you live in Marin and consider yourself precious.

I myself do not live in Marin, and have a realistic view of myself.
And no, I do not know how the question came to mind.
Even after work I am sweet-tempered.
The mildest of men.

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