Tuesday, October 22, 2019


In a Facebook discussion, a respondent took offense to my accusing him of being a Trumpite for years. Please note that I could have focused on his bad taste in liking the Grateful Dead, but I didn't. I restrained myself.

Calling him a Trumpite was totally accurate.
And that is a serious problem.

His musical insanity isn't.

I know a great many people with absolutely horrendous preferences in music. My apartment mate, for instance, likes both Madonna and The Spice Girls, but I have tolerated that, much the same way she tolerates my walking around barefoot when she thinks of feet as being the ugliest part of the human body. Damned well repulsive.

Much like the Deadhead sub-culture.

So I merely responded with the laugh emoticon when he wrote "you are literally Hitler".

What I should have done was answer like this:

"Jonathan, I have long suspected you of being harmlessly insane, seeing as you live overseas and are often unaware of events outside of your own potheaded slice of Shangri La.
I would point out your several personal failings, such as your dislike of Kurds and love for Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Alex Jones, but it is now time to head into the poo room and poo the poo of the just, precisely as you should do too. Go poo, Jonathan, go poo. And then inspect the errors of your ways. Stop pooing on my Facebook page.

"And stop channeling the Huns!"

"Damned hippie!"

But I do not want him to then discuss his bowel movements at any length. I'll just assume that he eats his veggies like a good boy, stays the heck away from gluten-free and wheatgerm, and doesn't stuff himself with bacon cheese burgers at every opportunity like so many damned overseas Americans trying to show solidarity with the homeland.

It is now time to go shave and shower.
And think wholesome thoughts.

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