Sunday, October 06, 2019


The landlady from next door commented that I've lost a lot of weight. Hell yeah. A midsummer appendicitis, followed by a bout of food poisoning, will do that. And I'm finally down to the trim and athletic body I never had.
Perhaps I should break into figure skating mode?
Being Dutch, that would be appropriate.

Two minor problems with that plan.

I have never figure skated in my life. And I am male. So no eye-candy picture of lissome grace there. Just a skinny white dude.
With a silvery goatee.

I have skated. Long low blades, strapped on.

No, I haven't weighed myself. But when Nurse Mak took my weight back in late Spring, I was over 20 pounds heavier than recently. So for people who need to loose weight, I highly recommend appendicitis and food poisoning.

But I've got my appetite back. And I still love Chinese porkchops and rice, Baked Portuguese Chicken Rice, chow mein, salt fish and chicken fried rice, steamed pork patty, red stewed streaky pork, roast duck and rice.
And jook, and cheung fan, and ja choi yiuk see.

With hot sauce on everything.
Or sambal at home.

Milk tea.

In this universe of an infinite number of possibilities, it is not entirely out of the question that I should go out on a date with someone of the opposite gender.
Who should have very similar food tastes.

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Anonymous said...

"Perhaps I should break into figure skating mode?
Being Dutch, that would be appropriate."

Were you Hans Brinker in your youth?


The back of the hill said...

Didn't read that crappy tale until my twenties, when I was in the United States. Instead, think skating over fens non-competitively, or finally visiting the island in the lake near high school.

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