Wednesday, October 30, 2019


As part of the entire gestalt of the PG&E electricity shut-off (PSPS), many top officials, company spokesmen, highly placed wombats, and helpfully sensitive bureaucrats in front of recording devices, have advised us to remain calm, don't panic. Remember: it's only a temporary thing!
Please don't grab for the pitchforks and torches.
Truly a minor inconvenience!

And, to paraphrase one important person, stop calling PG&E workers in your neighborhood names! They might not come back!

Far be it from me to encourage any violence as a response to our electronic overlords. Without them, posting essays on the internet from the security of San Francisco, where we have no naturals dangers, would be impossible.

As a contribution to public mental health, then, I wish to draw your attention to this soothing video.


[SOURCE: Approved for Humans Recording.]

Please remember that PG&E CO. has ONLY your best interests at heart! The streets surrounding the PG&E complex (Beale, Mission, Market, and Main), though easily accessible by public transit, and mere walking distance from BART stations (Embarcadero, Montgomery), are NOT suitable for riots and mob violence, and engaging in such behaviour would be destructive and set a bad example to the impressionable young.

Plus there are logistical issues.

Instead, think calming thoughts about wheat grass and gluten-free.
Be at peace with the universe. Consider your navel.
Things are so much worse everywhere else.
Exhale softly. Center yourself.
"First World Problem".

Like almost all San Franciscans and other Northern Californians, I approve of the sacrifice of our utility company executives.

It's for the children.

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