Friday, October 11, 2019


Several internet commentators have raised holy hell about the public burning of the Chinese flag at protests in Hong Kong. Which, while rude and provocative, should only be condemned if it exposes people to chemicals.
Is the flag plastic? Is it made from cheap polyester?
Are the fumes toxic?

[The mainland Chinese have likewise burned American, British, and Japanese flags.
Obviously the same public health considerations must apply]

Flag burning is a beloved form of free speech in many parts of the world. The Israeli flag is standardly used as fuel by repressed Arabs and Malays, while the American flag has been torched all over Europe since the early sixties. Why, most Europeans could not imagine themselves saying or meaning bugger all if they weren't able to set an American flag on fire.
It's like sage over there. Ritualistically important, and burning it instills a calming meditative attitude. Om, and santi santi santi. Peace!

[At times the Arab world has also set fire to American flags, as have Malaysian prime minister Mahathir's repulsive followers. Rancid Pakistanis do it every day. Religiously.]

This blogger himself intends to burn a Turkish flag soon.

Like all meaningless ritual acts, it won't accomplish a thing. Other flags that thoroughly deserve the fire are the Russian flag, the Saudi flag, the Egyptian flag, the Lone Star Banner, and the Confederate flag.

[It goes without saying that the Feijenoord rag should be treated similarly.]

Always use an accelerant.

Freedom, baby.

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