Monday, October 28, 2019


Other than the folks who run the place, there were a number of individuals there whom I knew from previous visits. Teapot Uncle. Older Brother Cock's Comb. The Man Who Looks Like a Pervert. The Man Who Actually IS a Pervert. And it is because of that last one that I shan't say where it is, because you might want go there, purely out of unwholesome curiosity.
Which I absolutely discourage.

I am, if nothing else, all about wholesomeness.

There was also a little girl there, singing the happy noodle yum yum song. Which goes something like this: "noodles, yum yum, yum yum, so happy! Noodles, yum yum, yum yum, so happy! Noodles, yum yum, yum yum, so happy!" And it eventually irritated the spit out of her older sister. Who had already finished her own plate of noodles, and was looking at her phone.
Which intellectual pursuit the little girl was sabotaging.
Because yum yum noodles made her happy.

"Stop doing that, it's irritating uncle."

That was in Cantonese. The little girl looked at me, upset. I mouthed "keui kong fai waa, she's lying", whereupon the tyke beamed. The older sister was still looking at her phone, and did not observe the conspiratorial exchange.


On a whim, I ordered a plate of noodles. So that I too could sing the happy noodle yum yum song. Noodles, yum yum, yum yum, so happy! Noodles, yum yum, yum yum, so happy! Noodles, yum yum, yum yum, so happy!

The noodles were okay. Though not, strictly speaking, yum yum
But I didn't mention that, and sang softly to myself.
The little girl heard me. As did her sister.

So happy.

None of the people I knew there observed this. They were too busy yacking, hepped to the gills on coffee and tea. Which was why I went there.
I had not intended to eat noodles.

嘩,呢啲炒面好味嘅, 眞係! 啊伯好鍾意啊! 咁開心。

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